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Latest News - July 2009 completed #1 ranking for Galveston Texas Auto Body Shop
LMGTFY Let me Google that for you and see the #1 organic result for "Galveston Auto Body Shop" s3IP's customer is Harborside Collision
Another customer signs up for his web page a Houston based Telephone System and IP PBX integrator

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Good website design must include a foundation built around search engine queries and spiders so that the business owner’s page will be found. The design begins with keyword analytics and requires continuous change management. Our services include Keyword Analytics, Link Management, Content Management, Directory Registration and Spider Friendly design and PageRank Management.

Our proven process includes a 6 cycle SEO step process: Create and refine keyword list, determine and refine key phrase, pre-submission analysis, optimize pages for key phrase, submit website search engines and post submission analysis.

Link Management

The second key ingredient to good search results is the website's popularity which can be vastly improved by S3IP's proven link management techniques. Our process includes sound practices for improving the back links increasing the popularity of the site and PageRank. S3IP’s proven techniques provide your website top ranking for search queries on your key words.

SEO link building challenges require balancing of incentive plans versus paid for links. We avoid poor practices like follow tagging and neglected link destruction. Today's requirements should include blog management with associated linking. S3IP provides your site with routine updates for the best page ranking results.

Site Design

At S3IP we start with the keyword optimization, link management, content management and conclude with coding written for search engine spider readability. Most website designers start with the coding and graphics as they rush to delivering a finished product and collect their onetime fee. At S3IP we understand that it's not about just looks of the website but that the design must include good coding practice so that the search engines can read and understand the content for delivering the best search results. At S3IP we use the latest coding techniques including CSS and XHTML. All sites we create will include standalone site map, Google and Yahoo verification certification, Google analytics for all pages, proper meta tag management and spider friendly navigation.

All website’s require some graphics and external application use. S3IP understands these requirements and implements tag management and labeling to provide search engines with the necessary information to understand the graphics and external application. We use java script coding techniques on most interactive graphic applications to improve crawler readability.

Email Hosting & Web Hosting

At S3IP.com we provide web hosting and partner with industry leaders including IPower and GoDaddy. For many of our clients we separate pages between servers providing better redundancy as well as improving page ranking. Our Email hosting plans start with simple to use POP accounts to Hosted Exchange email all can be included with your personal matching domain name